The God Babes Meet The Riot Girls

Catch the first ever Groove Exchange between The Riot Girls and The God Babes with DJ sets from the two crews from Japan and SA coming together as one nation under a groove. The Riot Girls play a combination of Tech House, Afrobeats and Electro Tribal Grooves with The God Babes exploring the Deep Tech House Sounscapes with DJ Shiloana starting things off followed by BabyMol and MGUCCIFAB The DJ. The Riot Girls will be busting a duo set between Sammy The Riot and Yoshim Riot from The Good Weather Club in Nagayo Japan

Sammy The Riot UBRFM Wednesday Bi-Weekly Show

Sammy The Riot boasts an amazing vinyl collection of Esoteric and Rare African Dance Music touching on various styles from Tribal to Electro based Afrobeats. She will be debuting her first of many bi-weekly shows on UBRFM on the 19th August 12PM (CAT). She is also part of the Riot Girls which is a crate digging trio of Japanese ladies currently rocking the Indie Alternative Underground Music Scene in Nagayo Japan. We look forward to jamming with them on the 28 August where they'll be dropping killer DJ sets with the God Babes from Pretoria.

Dubstep, Ska and Roots, Rock Reggae: Producing the Waliers and Mayatals

To the Caribbean island of Jamaica we venture and dig up some classical producers and the 2 band outfits they catapulted to rock immortality , Wailer and Mayatals. Even though the Mayatals were not commercial as the Wailers, they as important to Jamaican music history., Discovered by Coxsone Dodd in 1962 in the shanty town of Kingston, the band was supported by established outfit the Skatalites who inspired the gospel and worship soulful sound the Mayatals become synonymous with. Clement Coxone Dodd. Image subject to copyright. When they started recording with Lesley Kong in 1967, the movement of ska music transition to reggae was on the go. Kong passed away in 1971 and with that came the m

Bossa For The Ladies on The Sound Unit Radio Show

Niceguy Bob selects some really amazing tunes from all his favourite female Bossa & Samba artists featuring grooves from, Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbuli, Ana Mazzotti,Flora Purim, Evinha, Rosario De Souza, Sabrina Molheiros and many more incredible ladies in Bossanova and Samba Music.

The Graceland Affiliates: Silent Assassins Among Celebrity Protesters

Paul Simon came to South Africa for some soul searching. That’s at least how we see it. His life was a mess to say the least. He was getting divorced and his relationship with Art Garfunkel had deteriorated. Moreover, he wasn’t doing great with record sales of his most recent album at the time. Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Paul Simon and Ray Phiri. Image subject to copyright He came to South Africa and spent a lot of time listening and recording to "township music”. This Sunday, we celebrate the music made by those artists who remain "fairly unknown" artists. We also celebrate those artists who are widely known. Music by the people, for the people... Listen to the Afrobeat Pulse Sunday 3PM(CAT)

The Sound Unit Bossa & Latin Groove Session at 9PM

Niceguy Bob will be dropping some Soulful Sexy MPB along with some Latin inspired Jazz music on tonight's show at 9PM. Be sure to hear the sounds of Brazilian music heavyweights such as, Marcos Valle, Don Um Romao, Sergio Mendes Brasill 66, Jorge Ben and many more. Some amazing music lined up so stay tuned on UBRFM

Pan African Voyage on Afrobeat Part 3: East African Influence on music

The word “kucheza” means dance in Swahili. It is fitting for this week’s installment because the music featured has the habit of getting one dancing, be it consciously so or otherwise. While personal, this blog will touch on musicians from East Afrikan region and how I got to know about them. It is a narrative of sounds that come from the region that I have come to appreciate over the years. I must admit that I had no knowledge of East Afrika beyond the stuff one was fed in the schooling system - so basically, I knew nothing. In fact, it was only after school that I began to learn more about the region - albeit the interest was sparked by adolescent experimentation. In the interest of sparin