UBRFM Presents The Top30 Countdown

UBRFM is proud to present the Top30 Countdown which is a selection of the top tracks submitted by various up & coming artists, playlisted BBE Music promo releases and UBRFM affiliated artists/Djs /producers. UBRFM plays only the best in independent music from the best indie alternative labels from around the glob such as BBE Music, Ubiquity Records, Tru Thoughts, Jazzy Sport, Z7 Records, Freestyle Records, Ninjatune and the list goes on. Track Selections. Oasys FT Razor Da Kid - Fuego Jay The Muse - All Right DJ Filwe - 7 Days a Week Nature Soul FT Vusi Vuthela - The Fuse Tsenolo - A Ke Popaai Fab Futur3 - Flex Ability Ft Kay E & Djlove Pro Danger Power Ranger - Uzongithanda Veetaedo - Shona

Nande - A Brazilian Soundscape Pt.1presented by Sonido Yaguaro

Catch the first of many series of Nande a Brazilian Soundscape which further explores all spectrum of Brazilian Music hosted by Sonido Yaguarofrom Sao Palo. The show airs this evening at 11PM(CAT) 16:00(GMT-5) Full details of the show are below; Brazilian music is usually taken as a fully rhythmic, danceable and joyful environment. It’s partly true: we do have this tropical approach to life, an hedonistic and vitalistic routine whose possibly best shaped expression is our music when it reaches the streets during our Carnival times and/or our other popular celebrations nationwide. On the other hand, we could consider that this sunny and optimistic image sometimes hides the fact that our music

The Electrosphere Show with Eye-on Feather

UBRFM welcomes Papi Aka Eye-on Feather on his debut show "The Electrosphere", which will be airing every second Monday between 6PM(CAT) and 7PM, before the Soul Fanatic Frequencies. The show explores many forms of Electronic and Analogue based music from across the globe, sort of like a World Music approach for the electronic genre. Papi is a creative genius in his own right and an expert in multidisciplinary audio art forms. He also has music projects under the alias, Eye-On Feather and is Executive Producer at South African based electronic record label Subterranean Wavelength. He is also a producer and composer has collaborated with multiple artists

UBRFM presents the Metal Radio Show on Tuesday 14 September

Metal Radio is a new show hosted by Rubén Marino Tolosa aka DJ Buenmozo from San Justo Santa Fe Argentina that will broadcast once a month on Tuesdays at 9PM with the first session taking place this Tuesday. M E T A L "a new sphere" is a musical and sound synthesis of multiple genres and disciplines based on Art Rock, Ambient, Electronic, Classical, Dance, soundscapes, Folk, Jazz, Spiritual, Mixtapes, fusion plus the contemporary and new that I continue to discover; the idea is to work with what is currently called "musical-sound information", using New Media and Digital as research support, it is addressed as a theme, listening to musical information.

MgucciFab TheDJ - Winners Square Radio Show

Catch MGUCCIFAB The DJ and First Lady of UBRFM doing her debut show Next Week Monday at 9PM after the Soul Fanatic Frequencies. MGUCCIFAB The DJ has an incredible ear when it comes to House Music, with previous mentorship from The Godfathers of Deep House SA. She has a wide range of musical knowhow and has received amazing feedback from her residency on The Rizz Corner and her large following on YouTube. Follow her @mguccifabthedj on Instagram.