Flamed Grilled Radio

We interview local stars and superheroes, signed and unsigned musicians, and anyone whom we feel needs a platform to share their work. It is based on an open mic conept called the Flamed Grilled Poetry Sessions that were held every Thursday in PTA CBD 2011 till the later years and has moved around to different venues. We send questions and we edit the answers which a final mix will be created, along with a 30 - 1 hour mix to credit or introduce the next guest. The host is Saueri Chomothi aka Ms Isis.

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"Isis" A festival held every spring became associated with Isis and was later known across the Roman world as "Navigium Isidi' , Uset, Aset or Eset which means "throne". Isis stuck to me, or should I say was given to me by my brother and Solomzi Sijora and it has been with me ever since. The vision to grow grew but feelings of restriction came due mainly to her stage name as now "ISIS" is associated with an Islamic terrorist group.


In order for her to grow, a name change was needed. The name "SAUERI CHOMOTHI" means "Isis" in the different ways the Egyptians and Romans used to pronounce her name. In addition to her traditional roles as wife, mother, healer, Isis was worshiped as the goddess of good fortune, the sea, and travel. Nolundi has found this name fitting and considers it and evolution of some kind.


Flamed grilled sessions were born in Pretoria in 2011 and have been on our minds ever since. It was based in central Pretoria and would take place every Thursday between 16h00 and 20h00. We set up an open mic stage and anyone was welcome to participate.


We also supplied free instruments for the artists to use. We would love the opportunity to get up and running again, physically and online.Saueri Chomothi's work is a fuse of dug up loops, chopped up samples and some flair to produce very sweet melodies. She is influenced by old school classics, hip hop, dub, nusoul and her music has shifted from hip hop to experimental While being a wife and a mother of three, she balances her work while playing and she is consistently always working on something new

Ms Isis