Commonly known as Quaz. I am a writer, poet/emcee, community organizer and a creative activist. I currently teach creative writing at the University of Johannesburg and I am also the after school programme director for Keleketla media arts projects. I am part of Likwid Tongue a Jo’burg based poetry and performance collective and I’ve been actively involved in the underground poetry and hip hop scene for the past 9 years as a host,  performer, organizer and facilitator. I published a Book entitled The Orange Book Vol:2 in 2009 and The Orange Book Vol:1 in 2005. I released an E.P. in 2010 titled Your Slice of Cake and two mixtapes; The Chocolate Brown Guy mixtape (2008) and The Immaculate Thoughts of Za`uQ (2007).  In 2010 I featured on Projectah`s debut album College in Bars and on J’Pusher’s freestyle album. My writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, newspapers, websites radio and television advertisements. I also facilitate writing workshops for Ex-Apartheid Combatants for The Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (C.S.V.R).  I also like spaceships, rabbit holes, comic books, those plastic things at the end of my shoelaces, milk, ant farms ,the food channel, green stuff and Happy Sindane.

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The Poetry Potion Podcast is about poets and poetry. You’ll hear poets speak about their work, read their poetry, hear reviews and analysis as well as news on poetry events and books published. It is hosted by our editor, Quaz Roodt.


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