Nande - A Brazilian Soundscape Pt.1presented by Sonido Yaguaro

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Catch the first of many series of Nande a Brazilian Soundscape which further explores all spectrum of Brazilian Music hosted by Sonido Yaguarofrom Sao Palo. The show airs this evening at 11PM(CAT) 16:00(GMT-5)

Full details of the show are below;

Brazilian music is usually taken as a fully rhythmic, danceable and joyful environment. It’s partly

true: we do have this tropical approach to life, an hedonistic and vitalistic routine whose possibly

best shaped expression is our music when it reaches the streets during our Carnival times

and/or our other popular celebrations nationwide. On the other hand, we could consider that this

sunny and optimistic image sometimes hides the fact that our musical cultures also express the

deepness of the creole mixture our people holds in its unconscious abyss - with all the

contradictions the past centuries ended up bringing to our day-to-day life. Our music reveals but

also hides who we are. Our first series will explore what we might consider a profound - as far

as underrated - expression of our brazilian roots. Ambient, experimental and/or unpopular

soundscapes will invite you to dive into the obscure melting point we can find among our

amerindian heritage, our afroamerican ancestry and the european forces that gave birth to what

we call Brazil - and brazilian popular music. We could also add an asian and/or arabic accent to

this creole and complex humanistic assemblage. As long as you listen to 'A brazilian

soundscape’ you’ll be invited to perceive and feel the brazilian unconsciousness, to travel to this

undustrial corner where beauty and violence, sacred and profane, harmony and noise, Colony

and Modernity, past, present and future, rhythm, poetry and silence live and interact altogether

as an outer voice, our outer face, an anomalous heartbeat, a counter musical narrative.

Featuring Dori Caymmi, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Hermeto Pascoal, Naná

Vasconcelos, Milton Nascimento, Steenio Mendes, Sérgio Ricardo, Alceu Valença, Egberto

Gismonti, Raimundo Fagner and Gláuber Rocha, this first part is dedicated to all those who had

to remain and/or were forced to live/die in silence along our general and musical histories.


00. Efectos de Sonido - Barcos (Sirenas y bocinas) - 7" Odeon/CHI, 1965.

01. Dori Caymmi - O Homem entre o Mar e a Terra - Self titled LP, EMI/BRA, 1981.

02. Antônio Carlos Jobim - Saudades do Brazil - LP Urubu, WB Records/BRA, 1985.

03. Caetano Veloso - Épico - LP Araçá Azul, Philips/BRA, 1985.

04. Jards Macalé - Dois Corações/O Faquir da Dor - LP Aprender a Nadar, Philips/BRA, 1974.

05. Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo - Magimani Sagei - Self titled LP, Som Livre/BRA, 1982.

05. Naná Vasconcelos - Vozes (Saudades) - LP Saudades, ECM Records/BRA, 1983.

06. Milton Nascimento - Cláudio, Lúcia, Chico e Tiago - LP Milagre dos Peixes, Odeon/BRA, 1973.

07. Stenio Mendes - Taquará - LP Coleção MPBC/Stenio Mendes, Philips/BRA, 1980.

08. Naná Vasconcelos - Um Minuto - LP Amazonas, Philips/BRA, 1973.

09. Sérgio Ricardo feat. Alceu Valença - Briga de Faca - LP A Noite do Espantalho OST, Continental/BRA, 1974.

10. Efectos de Sonido - Perros (Chicos) - 7" Odeon/CHI, 1965.

11. Excerpts - LP Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol OST, Forma/BRA, 1981.

12. Egberto Gismonti - Baião do Acordar - LP Corações Futuristas, EMI/BRA, 1976.

13. Fagner - Romanza - LP Orós - CBS/BRA, 1977.

14. Efectos de Sonido - Lluvia (Intensa) - 7" Odeon/CHI, 1965.

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